Fresh Food Feeding Pacifier Blue

Fresh Food Feeding Pacifier

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Feed your infant their first food safely with this Fresh Food Feeding Pacifier. You can introduce your baby to the many flavors and easy way to feed yummy fresh fruit snacks & vegetables with this silicone pouch feeder. It can be a huge hassle to chop up solids into smaller pieces or juice fruits for your child but this food Pacifier allows you to slowly introduce your baby to solids with ease.

The look on their faces upon tasting something other than milk is priceless and adorable. Also it's help you wean off your baby from breastfeeding gradually as he grows older. Great for travel - comes with on-the-go cap.


  • Soft silicone pouch
  • Easy feeding of homemade or store-bought baby food
  • Small hole at the bottom allows to feed purees to young babies.
  • Snap-tight closure
  • BPA-free
  • Excellent silicone material and food grade plastic
  • 100% Brand New & Good Quality
  • Perfect small handle let every baby enjoy the food by self
  • Suit for most kind of food and can be carried on the trip
  • Package Included: 1*Baby Food Feeder

Some Instruction:

  • Disinfect this Nipple first before using, you can steam boiling it with
  • enough water for 3-5 minutes
  • Cut fresh fruits, vegetables or meat without bone into blocks and strips
  • then put them into this Nipple.
  • It's normal that the silica filter changes color after filling with fruit & vegetable juice.

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